Airlert Bed Pressure Mat – Pager Linked

  • Works under the mattress so no loss of comfort
  • Covers full areas of the bed so less false alarms
  • Mats are waterproof and hard-wearing
  • Links to multiple pagers
  • Batteries typically last over 3 months
  • Free telephone assistance


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The pressure-sensitive mat alerts to bed-leaving wirelessly via our pager-linked system. The Airlert™ Bed Pressure Mat alert goes off as soon as someone gets out of bed. The mat is positioned under the mattress and is full length for increased comfort and reduced false alarms. The Airlert Bed Pressure Mat is air operated and monitors the change in pressure on the mat when an individual gets out of bed. The airlert bed pressure mat makes for the perfect fall prevention detection system. The system only activates when there is a significant pressure change therefore minimising false alarms. The sensor covers the whole area of the bed using a full length pressure mat placed underneath the mattress. It is therefore less likely to give a false alarm than smaller bed monitors. The system works with all mattresses even the specialist pressure relief mattresses and profiling beds.