Airlert Bed Pressure Mat – Plug Matched

  • Works with all beds and mattresses including airflow
  • Works under the mattress so no loss of comfort
  • Covers full areas of the bed so less false alarms
  • Mats are waterproof and hard-wearing
  • Works with all call system types
  • Up to 5 year battery life
  • No professional installation required
  • Free telephone assistance
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The Airlert Bed Pressure Mat alerts the operator to the user leaving their bed and connects straight to your existing call system. The Airlert™ Bed calls prevention system alerts as soon as someone gets out of bed. This can be invaluable in alerting staff or carers to an individual who is unaware of the risks that getting up can represent. Typically these are people with reduced cognitive function or dementia. The Airlert Bed Pressure Mat is air operated and monitors the change in pressure on the mat when an individual gets out of bed. The mat is positioned under the mattress and is full length for increased comfort and reduced false alarms. Plus a battery life of 5 years.