Saver Safe Evacuation Chair

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Saver Safe evacuation chair, complete with dust cover, wall sign and wall bracket

This chair provides the total solution for any emergency evacuation situation. Designed to meet the needs of ‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’ and ‘The Equality Act 2010’ this chair should ideally sit on each floor stairwell, on it’s bracket, with it’s dust cover – ready for action, but with any luck never used. The FERNO SAVER SAFE Evacuation Chair is the total solution for any emergency evacuation situation. It glides down stairs easily and smoothly to ensure no heavy lifting or manual handling is required, although training of its use is essential for operators or responsible person(s). This SAVER SAFE chair should be in multi-storey Public Buildings, Shopping Centres, Sport Arenas, Offices and Care Homes in fact anywhere where peoples safety is the responsibility of others.

  • Improved operator control and comfort – easy-grip rubber sleeves around the upper and lower handles make the initial decent downstairs much easier when positioning the chair onto the first step
  • Reassuring patient safety – removable, adjustable head pad and comprehensive patient retaining straps to enhance comfort and security
  • Better manoeuvrability – wide rear kick stand adds strength, and stability on the rear castors preventing tipping of the chair
  • Easy storage – Lightweight, with compact profile it comes with wall bracket, dust cover and user guidance signage
  • Simple to clean, maintain and replace – removable seat cover with zips situated on the underside
  • Lateral transfers made easy to another device – seat cover design wraps around the side tubes giving the patient an optimum seated position