Pure Air 6 LITE

Pure Air 6 Lite is a specialised replacement, pressure relieving mattress. It gives optimum therapy for smaller lighter patients and children.

It comes with a 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Pure Air 6 lite has been specifically designed with narrower cells to give optimum therapy for lighter, smaller patients. Normal cells are wider and lighter people can fall down between them, so Pure Air 6 lite is specially designed to ensure we have a solution for all your patients.

This unique system is suitable for patients up to, and including, very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or for those who have existing tissue damage.

*Use ‘Risk Level’ in conjunction with clinical judgement.

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Product features of Pure Air 6 LITE

Pure Air 6 Lite

Mattress features

  • Specially designed for the lightweight patient
  • Two cell alternating over a 10 or 15-minute selectable cycle6″ depth including 4” air cell complete with integral 2” foam base
  • 26 fully alternating specially designed air cells
  • Durable PU air cell construction
  • Welded, Multi-stretch waterproof and vapour permeable cover
  • Machine washable cover up to 95°C
  • Pull CPR for rapid deflation

Control unit features

  • Audible low-pressure alert
  • Semi-auto pressure adjustment
  • External, easy replacement control unit filters
  • Static function with auto return
  • Cycle fault audible alert
  • Alert mute
  • Control panel lock