Moray Combo Hybrid™

We have worked with key organisations and partners across the globe, to develop the very latest hybrid mattress technology – Moray Combo Hybrid™ React. The technology concentrates on the care of heel damage and improving patient comfort.  The benefits of a “hybrid” are naturally evident, transitioning from a very high-risk static mattress to that of a dynamic in a matter of seconds.

The lower leg section of the mattress redistributes pressure from the heel to the upper leg (calve) and makes the product suitable for patients at very high risk of developing pressure wounds.

Used in home care, care home and hospital acute environments, this product provides an innovative solution for healthcare professionals and is fully endorsed and clinically evaluated by a Queens registered Tissue Viability Expert from the UK.

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Product features of Moray Combo Hybrid™

‘Skin kind’ mattress cover:
Infection control – The water resistant, multi-stretch, breathable cover has welded seams and an antimicrobial coating, ensuring a robust defence against water ingress, whilst promoting effective infection control.

Multi-functional digital control unit:
Easy to use – The control unit can be fitted to the mattress, which provides dual mode pressure therapy with an option of alternating or CLP. Both modes are used to upgrade therapy from that of a very high-risk static mattress. Comfort mode also available.

CLP (Constant Low Pressure) option:
Enhanced healing – CLP is an alternative therapy mode, which promotes patient immersion.

CME Surround and Base:
Greater stability – Maintains pelvic stability for transfers, and aids moving and handling processes.

High Quality Foam Filled Cell Technology:
Patient comfort – Foam-filled, alternating cells automatically inflate to a comfort level in line with the very best pressure-relieving surfaces.

Safer heel section:
Leading design – The clinically proven lower leg section, redistributes pressure from the heel to the upper leg. This design utilises a greater surface area, thus creating minimal heel-to-surface contact.

CPR Function:
Protecting patient safety – Due to the nature of foam filled cells under low pressure. CPR can also be administered whilst inflated.

Easy transportation – Workplace health and safety handles are integrated into the sides of the mattress cover, which assists in easy relocation for maintenance staff.

Hose Management Chamber:
Product protection – The hose management chamber is in an enclosed compartment inside the mattress cover, removing all potential for infection and damage through misuse.

Two-year warranty:
Value for money – The multi-featured Mori Combo demonstrates great value for money, backed by a two-year warranty.