Molift Quattro

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The temporary hoist solution with excellent stability

A freestanding traverse gantry
Molift Quattro is a freestanding hoist unit that offers a (four-post) Traverse System which is the best alternative when the hoisting need is temporary or when the facility is not built for fixed installations. The gantry is easy to install without the need to mount additional fixtures on the wall or ceiling. It is ideally suited for temporary hoist applications in nursing or private homes.

Solves most overhead lifting situations
The traverse has a lightweight aluminium frame and four steel posts that provide excellent stability and cover the surface of the hoisting requirement. Molift Quattro solves most overhead hoisting situations together with the Molift Air or Molift Nomad hoist motor and a sling. With a hoisting capacity of max 300 kg, it is ideal for hoisting and transferring a person from/to bed, floor, chair, wheelchair, toilet, etc.

Two options
Molift Quattro can be delivered in two sizes: 3×3 meters and 4×4 meters. The length of the posts’ are fixed, and the height is 2.46 m. Molift Air or Molift Nomad with trolleys are ordered separately.