Developed from some of the most comfortable, high-density, viscos elastic and combustion-modified foams, the Kent™ static mattress topper is placed on top of an existing mattress base.

The Kent is a good value product, which can be easily transferred and transported as required. It is ideal for patients requiring low to medium pressure reduction in home or care home settings.

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Product features of Kent™

Premium ‘skin kind’ mattress cover:
Infection control – The water resistant, multi-stretch, cover has an antimicrobial coating, ensuring a robust defence against water ingress, whilst promoting effective infection control. All mattress covers include non-slip bases as standard.

Viscos Elastic Foam surface:
Patient comfort – Ensures total comfort is achieved whilst delivering excellent pressure redistribution.

Fire Retardant Foam:
Safety first – Fire retardant CME Foam fully complies with British Standards.

2 year Warranty:
Longevity – The combination of CME foam technology and durable mattress covers, delivers a robust product that will deliver on longevity and uninterrupted care.