The Grampian™ is an economical mattress overlay system, designed for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown / pressure ulcer development. It is targeted for patients deemed at high risk of pressure ulcer development.  Its construction is made from 18 transverse cells, which are 5 inches in height (or 115 mm), meaning it should be placed on a standard hospital or basic mattress system, for appropriate use. The cell inflates and deflates in an alternating pattern, being that of a one-in-two visual process.

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Product features of Grampian™

  • Multi-stretch, vapour permeable, antimicrobial, cover material – Aids infection control.
  • Fully High Frequency welded product – Prevents fluid ingress.
  • Low Profile Cell design – Ensures adequate application to a mattress replacement or underlay, whilst providing excellent pressure relief.
  • CPR Function – Aids rapid deflation or medical attention.
  • Transport Function – Enables transport process for patient procedures.
  • Static Mode – Provides safety during patient transfer.
  • Clinically proven – Giving peace of mind to nursing staff and patients.