Floor to Seat Sling – Fallen Person Sling

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The Floor to Seat System was designed to address a problem identified through an investigation into incidents of unsafe handling by Gwynedd Council. It was discovered that staff were unsure of what sling to use to lift the fallen person and had an understandable worry of causing harm to the already distressed and anxious person by selecting the wrong style and size of sling. To address this problem we developed a sling specically for the purpose of lifting the fallen person, a sling that would be suitable for the majority of people, and also compatible to use with standard hook style hoist. Working closely with Gwynedd Council’s moving and handling team a pack has been developed which includes, the Floor to Seating Sling, 4 pillows, and a non-slip seat cover. As well as supporting the person comfortably for hoisting the Floor to Seating Sling can also be used to move the person comfortably and safely on the floor to a more suitable space before hoisting.
• Sling is padded and softly lined to provide comfort and protection
• High grade slide sheet outer lining to withstand wear and tear but facilitate easy sliding
• Adjustable straps to enable optimum positioning
• Provides a safe system of work which protects the person as well as the staff