Flexi is an advanced, smart hybrid mattress and part of the Pure Air premium pressure area care range from Winncare. Innovative in its design, it’s a pressure-relieving mattress that combines modern foam technology with our proven ‘Figure 8’ air cell designs.

Flexi has a uniquely designed 3-zoned surface which delivers effective pressure redistribution and unrivalled comfort in static, dynamic & constant low pressure therapy modes, appropriate to the varying needs of the patient.

It’s suitable for patients up to, and including, very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer and ideal for Acute Hospital environments.

Flexi Lite (Flexi Professional) option also available: Product Code: SM017L

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Product features of Flexi

Premium ‘skin kind’ mattress cover:
Infection control – The water resistant, multi-stretch, breathable cover has welded seams and an antimicrobial coating, ensuring a robust defence against water ingress, whilst promoting effective infection control. Crib 7 material.

Multi-functional digital control unit:
Tailored care – Easy to use control unit gives alternating and CLP options Also available as static when used without control unit.

CLP (Constant Low Pressure) option:
Enhanced healing – CLP is an alternative therapy mode, which promotes patient immersion.

Whisper quiet control unit:
Patient peace – This high specification unit is whisper quiet even at optimum pressures, supporting patient rest and sleep.

13 fully alternating air cells (5 heel cells, 8 torso cells):
Patient comfort – A longitudinal cell design over the torso area prevents patients falling between air cells, providing a more all-round comfortable support surface.
Carers can also move patients across the torso section and up the mattress in alignment with the longitudinal cells. This limits friction and shear forces over traditional horizontally arranged surfaces.

Figure of 8 cell / A&B inflation pattern:
Reduction in motion sensitivity – Figure of 8 shaped cells within the mattress, continuously inflate and deflate in a cyclical pattern. This helps offloading pressure across different areas of the body, preventing prolonged pressure on any single point.

Convex Base Contour:
Promoting patient movement – The convex platform base, combined with the longitudinal alternating cells, encourage a micro movement of the patient and assist in a gentle repositioning. (Always use in conjunction with turning regimes).

Dedicated heel zone:
Heel protection – The combination of the longitudinal cells and the narrower, horizontally arranged heel section delivers a true heel zone for off-loading peak pressures in this vulnerable area.

CPR Function:
Protecting patient safety – The CPR function aids rapid deflation when medical emergencies occur.

Three-year warranty:
Longevity – The system has been built with durability in mind. PU cell construction, a 230gm cover and easy-to-change filters means we are confident this product will deliver long-term uninterrupted care.