Etac Swift Mobil 24″-2

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Etac Swift Mobil 24″-2 is a self-propelled model, designed for the independent user.

Easy to manoeuvre The shower commode chair is simple to use and easy to manoeuvre. The rear wheels are positioned for maximum control and are easy to reach. Flip up armrests and generous space in front of the wheels, allow for easy side transfers. The relatively even shape of the seating area also simplifies side transfers.

Comfortable seat To facilitate access, the seat has a rear opening and a hygiene recess in front. The seat is designed to provide comfort, regardless of the users posture or pelvis width. For additional comfort, ergonomic soft seats are available.

Fits many user needs Swift Mobil 24”-2 is adaptable to fit many user needs and sizes. It has a generous maximum user weight of 160 kg as standard and adjustable seat-to-floor height (45-60 cm). The armrests are adjustable both in height and width, and the soft backrest can be adjusted for positioning and comfort.

For larger users, an extra wide back frame is offered, providing an additional 6 cm between the armrests.