Durham Eco™

The Durham Eco™ is manufactured as an economy high risk product, made with temperature sensitive memory foam (or Visco elastic surface). When coupled with a high density Combustion Modified Ether (CME) foam base, this product achieves outstanding comfort, whilst providing very good pressure reducing qualities, when compared to others in its class.

Constructed in a multi-layered format, the Durham Eco cushion uses a combination of Visco-elastic and CME foam to provide comfort and support for its user. The high density, temperature-sensitive Visco-elastic memory foam ensures that patient pressures are distributed over the whole seated area, while the resilient CME base provides patient support and increases the longevity of the cushion. At 5.08 cm deep, the Durham Eco is designed to promote and encourage an easier patient transfer. The Durham Eco ensures excellent levels of performance and durability.

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Product features of Durham Eco™

  • Welded, removable, multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover – aids infection control
  • Fully High Frequency welded product – prevents fluid ingress
  • Fire Retardant – Fully complies with British Standards
  • Visco Elastic and CME foam design combination – ensures total comfort is achieved, while delivering pressure redistribution
  • UK manufactured product – provides total confidence through quality and workmanship
  • Clinically proven – giving peace of mind to nursing staff and patients alike