The Devon pressure-reducing mattress is made from combustion-modified ether (CME) foam technology. Castellated on one side it supports patients that have a high risk of developing pressure wounds.

Manufactured in the UK, the multi-stretch, vapour permeable, waterproof cover is provided as standard. An upgrade to a cover with welded seams is also an option.

One of our most popular community mattresses, the Devon is good value while providing exceptional comfort for the patient.

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Product features of Devon™

Premium ‘skin kind’ mattress cover:
Infection control – The water-resistant, multi-stretch, breathable cover and an antimicrobial coating, ensuring a robust defence against water ingress, whilst promoting effective infection control. All mattress covers include non-slip bases as standard. (Welded seam option available).

Castellated zones:
Effective weight distribution – The castellated zones maximise pressure redistribution.

Fire Retardant Foam:
Safety first – Fire retardant CME Foam fully complies with British Standards.

Zip flap cover:
Reduces the risk of fluid ingress – Protects the cover and makes cleaning easy.

Three-year warranty:
Longevity – The combination of CME foam technology and durable mattress covers, enables a robust product that will deliver on longevity and uninterrupted care.