The Caithness™  is a premium alternating replacement system within the range. This product has been specially designed for use in frail, elderly and paediatric patients. The unique smooth coated cells, with smaller size and volume, allows multiple application in upright seating positions. The clever 27 cell system ensures adequate support when profiled and as such is useful for nursing pulmonary conditions, who often require high pillow and back rest elevation positions. Complete with a simple to use, high quality digital pump and specialist polyurethane cover. This product is targeted towards the assistive treatment for patients who have existing and potentially severe pressure damage, up to and including Category 4 ulcers

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Product features of Caithness™

  • Multi-stretch, vapour permeable, antimicrobial, cover material – Aids infection control.
  • Fully High Frequency welded product – Prevents fluid ingress.
  • Small cell design – Ensures specific patient groups to be fully concentrated upon, whilst providing excellent pressure relief.
  • CPR Function – Aids rapid deflation or medical attention.
  • Transport Mode – Enables ward / patient procedures.
  • Optional Cover Coatings on offer – Provides total confidence to user via exceptional quality and workmanship.
  • Clinically proven – Giving peace of mind to nursing staff and patients alike.