The Avon Heel™ pressure reducing mattress has been developed using the very latest combustion modified ether foam technology (CME). This best in range, high-quality product features a castellated foam surface, which sits on a sturdy “U shaped” foam base.

The pressure reducing, castellated zones are shaped smaller at the head and foot ends in order to maximise pressure re-distribution in the most vulnerable areas, whilst featuring larger castellation’s in the centre, so that the mainstream patient weight can be managed efficiently and effectively.

The ultra soft heel section is sloped in order to reduce pressure, whilst an alternative cut (left to right) of visco elastic foam, provides maximum comfort levels.

Suitable for patients at high to very high risk of developing pressure wounds and used in hospital, home and care home environments.

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Product features of Avon-Heel™

Premium ‘skin kind’ mattress cover:
Infection control – The water-resistant, multi-stretch, breathable cover has welded seams and an antimicrobial coating, ensuring a robust defence against water ingress, whilst promoting effective infection control. All mattress covers include non-slip bases as standard.

Castellated zones:
Effective weight distribution – The castellated zones are smaller at the head and foot ends, and larger in the centre to maximise pressure redistribution in the most vulnerable areas.

Castellated patterns:
Enhanced temperature control – The channels cut into the foam to ensure maximum airflow around the patient. This support temperature control and aims to improve patient comfort and ability to sleep.

Ultra soft heel section:
Improved pressure relief for vulnerable points – By gently tapering the heel area, pressure is redistributed effectively onto the less vulnerable calf area.

Foam base and walls:
Stability – The base and walls are manufactured using combustion modified ether (CME) foam technology and provide complete stability.

Five-year warranty:
Longevity – The combination of CME foam technology and durable mattress covers, enables a robust product that will deliver on longevity and uninterrupted care.