EMI Lift

A lift designed specifically to meet the needs of those living with cognitive impairment and their carers.

Working closely with our customers in the care sector and following consultation with the Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling, we have designed the EMI-Lift ® which recognises the needs of those living with cognitive impairment. The fundamental changes incorporated within the Registered Design* of our EMI-Lift ® address some of the symptoms of old age and dementia such as impaired mobility, vision and hearing. Our radical new design incorporates 20 specific design changes, a few of which are detailed below.


High contrast colour schemes clearly identify the lift.
3 Dimensional sensors provide added user door protection.
Large, bright landing pushes
Additional landing signage aids navigation
Landing carpet entrance matches Car carpet
Within the lift car:

Lighting levels increased by a factor of 3
Floor colours match landing entrance
Warm homely car interior
High contrast handrail
Large analogue clock
The EMI option is available on all new lifts including the X-IM space saving lift and modernisation packages subject to technical surveys.

The EMI-LIFT® has been awarded DSDC Gold Level and Design Innovation Certification.

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    Britton Price offer full ‘Turnkey’ packages including all building and electrical works, lift design, installation and the removal of old equipment where necessary. For more information on ‘Turnkey’ packages click here.

    For more information on the EMI-Lift ® contact our sales team by Tel: 01904 799084 or email: sales@brittonprice.co.uk
    *Registered Design No.001671579-0001