Aquatec Ocean E-VIP Tilt In Space Shower Chair

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    The Aquatec Ocean VIP has a stainless steel corrosion free frame with individually adjustable seat height. Seat height can be adjusted between 50-105 cm to allow easy access and effortless transfers and seat tilt can be tilted forwards and backwards with a tilt angle of -5 to 35 degrees to achieve a comfortable seating position, The -5 degree position offers easier transfer into the chair. It is particularly stable even at maximum tilt angle and maximum seat height and has clearly laid out hand control for simple adjustment of the seat height and seat tilt with only four buttons. It comes with fully sealed components and is safe for use in the shower and can be cleaned in automatic washers at temperatures up to 85 degrees and has a detachable battery pack can be recharged easily. 150kg safe working load.